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    Aussi Bangla Smile November 2011 Team

     Standing left to right:

    Pia Buckingham; Dr Hasan Sarwar; Dr Francesca Rannard; Dr Erika Agius; Dr Steve Cooper; Linda Mee; Annie Vincent; Judy Barlow;

    Kneeling left to right: Sandy Burrow; Kim Merceica

    Below: Dr Grace Maano 

    The Aussi Bangla Smile 2010 October visit team

    Damien, Morgan, Matthew, Knox, Danny, Sandy, Lauren, Heike, and Nicholas
      • Damien Boyle – recovery/anaesthetic nurse
      • Morgan Howard -scrub/scout nurse
      • Matt Rimmington – recovery/anaesthetic nurse
      • Dr Knox Low – anaesthetist
      • Dr Danny Briggs – anaesthetist
      • Sandy Burrow – recovery/anaesthetic nurse
      • Lauren Elliott – scrub/scout nurse
      • Heike DeNeef – scrub/scout nurse
      • Nicholas Spooner – surgical assistant / medical student


    Dr Christoph Pautke – surgeon

    Dr Hasan Sarwar – surgeon / team leader


    The Aussi Bangla Smile 2009 Mission Team.

    2009 team at Sydney airport

    Dr Hasan Sarwar – paediatric/plastic surgeon

    Dr Knox Low – anaesthetist

    Dr Danny Briggs – anaesthetist

    Judith Barlow – anaesthetic/recovery nurse

    Angela Brady – anaesthetic nurse

    Lorraine Clarkstone – anaesthetic/recovery nurse

    Dr Alf Coren who was with us for the first three days - so chaotic there was no opportunity to take any team shots with him until later on the Jibon Tari.Heike DeNeef – scrub/scout nurse

    Maria Kells – scrub/scout nurse

    Barbara Mitchell – scrub/scout nurse

    Dr Alf Coren – dental/facio/maxilliary surgeon


    The Aussi Bangla Smile 2007 Mission Team.

    2007 team at Sydney airport

    (Left to right)

    Dr Hasan Sarwar -paediatricplastic surgeon

    Mareshka Sarwar – dental/speech therapist

    Frances Cook – scrub/scout nurse

    Angela Brady – anaesthetic nurse

    Dr Steve Cooper – anaesthetist

    Judy Barlow – anaesthetic/recovery nurse

    Fadia Campbell – anaesthetic nurse

    Barbara Mitchell – scrub/scout nurse