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    Some Patients from the 2010 visit

    Below are photos of a few patients from the October 2010 trip. These photos were taken immediately before and after surgery. Nevertheless the immediate improvement in appearance and functionality is obvious. Soon the swelling and stitches will be gone and the improvement even more apparent. Unfortunately by that time the patients and the team will have returned home so the team will rarely see the full benefit of their work. Occasionally we do receive photos of patients fully recovered from surgery and some of these may be found on our Smiles page.


    Nadia before surgery Nadia after surgery


    Shakib before surgery Shakib after surgery


    Ayesha before surgery Ayesha after surgery


    Some Patients from the 2009 Mission

    These two tiny babies are Sanjita, who was 8 months old and weighed 3kg, and Jannatul, 11 months old and weighing 4kg. Both were too malnourished for their operation. They were sent to Dhaka Children’s hospital for high protein feeds and then surgery scheduled for a later date.


    Little Robiul 11 months, 6 kg. His father Ghazi has three children. Robiul is the youngest. Robiul’s mother died three months after his birth from the brain tumour. Ghazi’s brother helps him finanacially. This gorgeous little boy never stopped smiling.


    This is Afifa pre and post operation. Afifa was 6 months old and weighed 4 kg. Her mother is 17 years old and Afifia is her second child. Afifa’s grandmother also came to the hospital.


    During the February 2008 mission, Dr Sarwar also revisited some of our patients from October 2007. They seemed to be very happy with their smiles:



    More from the October 2007 Mission

    This is a first set of pictures taken of patients prior to their correctional surgery by the team on the February 2008 mission. Hiraj on the right brought his son to the boat with bad burns. We couldn’t help his son but we could help him.

     Before Surgery Hiraj Before Surgery

    The image on the left below was taken directly after the operation. The wounds are still fresh and the face is still swollen. Once the wounds are healed, she will be able smile like never before. Hiraj on the right was sent back to his wife and five other children looking like this.

     After Surgery Hiraj After Surgery