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     Jibon Mela (Impact) Land Hospital  

    Team with staff at the Jibon Mela (2010)


    Jibon Tari Floating Hospital

    Jibon Tari floating hospital

    Recovery on the Jibon Tari (2010)

    2007 team working at both operating stations in the Jibon Tari
    Two teams were working at the same time at the Jibon Tari Hospital (2007)

    Fran Cook & Dr Tarek at work in 2007
    Frances Cook and Dr Tarek (a Bangladeshi surgeon who also helped at DCH) on board the Jibon Tari (2007)

    The ward on Jibon Tari Floating Hospital

    2007 team on the Jibon Tari
    Dr Hasan, Judy, Barbara, Dr Rahman (a Bangladeshi anaesthetist who also helped at DCH), Fadia, Frances, Dr Steve – at midnight after their first shift operating aboard the Jibon Tari (2007)

    The team with the last patient on the last day at Jibon Tari (2007)

    Dhaka Community Hospital

     Dhaka Community Hospital

    DCH Operating Theatre
    Operation Theatre at the Dhaka Community Hospital (2007)

    Shahnaz and Frances Cook
    Frances Cook (right) of the Aussi Bangla Smile team and Shahnaz (left), a Bangladeshi nurse, at Dhaka Community Hospital (2007)

    Judy Barlow presents a quilt to DCH
    Judy Barlow hand-made two beautiful hanging quilts which had Aussie animals and flowers on it along with all the details of our team. Judy presented one to the Jibon Tari and one to Dhaka Community Hospital (2007)

    Square Hospital

    Square Hospital theatre (2009)

    Fadia Campbell & Frances Cook with a team of Bangladeshi nurses
    Frances Cook and Fadia Campbell in one team at Square Hospital (2007)

    Ann Mitchell (centre) & Fadia Campbell (right) with a Bangladeshi doctor(Left) A Doctor from the Women’s Hospital in Dhaka who organised post op accommodation for the children at the Square Hospital before they returned to their communities. (Centre) Ann Mitchell, a Western Australian nurse who facilitated the project at the Square Hospital. (Right) Fadia Campbell of the Aussi Bangla Smile team (2007)

    Begum Khaleda Zia Medical College

    Shrawardhy Hospital BKZ Medical college Hospital (2009)

    Pre op ward round Begum Khaleda Zia Medical College (2009)



    Urmee – honorary team members for two trips (2007 & 2009) – a teacher who helps as translator and nurse assistant theatre and recovery.

    Raju & Dr Jack
    Raju – runs errands, organises lunches. &  Dr Jack – patient Liaison, interpretor, surgical assistant (2009)

    Children & Presents
    Children with the bag of presents we brought them – toy koalas, stickers, coloured pencils, paper, Aussie flag tattoos, and toothbrushes with toothpaste (2007)