• Reflections – Sandy Burrow

    I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Anaesthetics and Recovery with 23 years experience in this field. The 2011 trip was my 2nd trip to Bangladesh and I find myself still learning.
    Managing entire general anaesthesia with just a pulse oximeter, old fashioned gas, a simple non‐electric anaesthetic machine, pain killers and good old hand ventilation works! Even in blackouts. And everyone was safe.
    No such thing as “Stop, revive, survive”, here we worked well together with our experienced team leader Judy, from 8am, working hard into the night, finishing at 11pm mostly! We were greatly rewarded by the sweet faces of the brave

    Bangladeshi children, the gratitude of their parents and carers and the generosity, support and friendship of the local hospital staff.
    Bangladeshi people are poor yet giving; tough yet kind; long travelled but sit patiently for days for their surgery; hard to understand yet inclusive and polite.
    I feel privileged to be among these sweet souls, these poor, generous and hard working people.
    Thanks again to Hasan, Barbara, Rotary, Impact teams and 2012 team mates Judy, Annie, Pia, Linda, Kim, Steve, Erika, Grace, Francesca. I feel I have lived.

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