• A Story of Father and Daughter

    Sree Sankar, a 55 yo boatman and father of two, had his cleft lip repaired previously (Nov 2010) by Dr Hasan Sarwar with the Aussi Bangla Smile Team at Jibon Mela Hospital.  When asked if he is happy with the surgery, the smile on his face says it all:









    “I am ecstatic and extremely grateful to Aussi Bangla Smile team and Dr Hasan!”

    He was so happy with the surgery, he came back and he brought his second and youngest daughter Shompa Rani, 20 years old, with incomplete cleft lip, confident that she can have high quality surgery for her condition:

    Shompa RaniShompa Rani










    Before Surgery                                                                        After Surgery!!!

    Father and Daughter went back home both with beautiful smiles on their faces….

    Two lives changed, for the best!!!

    Submitted by Dr Grace Maano


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